Mindfulness Argh!!!

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Mindfulness Argh!!! Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Mindfulness is hard work! I have tried my best to pay attention to the things going on around me and being present. Not disappearing into the past or the future or those what if moments that always creep into my mind. Being present has become my real life, “Polkaroo.” Right when I think I have caught it, it disappears as if it was never there.

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Photo by Caio Resende on Pexels.com

At the grocery store the other day, I saw someone that looked familiar. I glanced over again and still wasn’t satisfied that it wasn’t the person I thought it was. Now I’m being downright rude and staring. Then, I realized, no way it’s her, she would never wear those shoes! So, I began to wonder, “what happened to her?” “How are her parents?” “Did she ever stop eating cheese?” When I came back to reality I realized I was wandering through the produce section with a buggy that wasn’t mine. How did I know it wasn’t mine? Well, of course, there’s a purse in it that can’t be mine since I usually carry a side sling. Discreetly I reached over to my right shoulder to check if maybe I unmindfully changed purses before coming to the store. Nope, it’s confirmed, I am now the scared owner of 2 purses??? Security is fast approaching and I can only wish to disappear. I pass him the buggy explaining that I thought it was mine. He stares at me with accusing eyes, which I know I deserve.

Security, why???

Meanwhile, the real owner of the purse and buggy searches through her things to see if I took anything. I utter apologetic words, she grunts. I proceed to walk away, head down, avoiding eye contact from any of the patrons of the fine grocery establishment. I slowly look ahead to find my buggy abandoned by the organic mushrooms. Quickly I grab it and continue shopping. I realized at that moment that through my embarrassment I had achieved mindfulness. Hopefully, mindfulness is possible without embarrassment though.

I’m setting a goal to be mindful for 2 minutes, then maybe 5 minutes. The possibility of staying mindful for a whole 10 minutes is daunting. But one day I too will be mindful. I will have breakfast with a friend and listen to her rather than think about what’s for dinner tonight! Oh no, did I close the front door when I left the house? Sorry, my mind wandered again… I’m 98% sure I did close it.

Yes, one day I will achieve this mindfulness thing that everyone is talking about. Now, where’s my wallet?

Here’s a link to the latest in my mindfulness journey: Mindfulness Argh the Frightening Continuation

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23 thoughts on “Mindfulness Argh!!!

  1. Being mindful is something that has alluded me for most of my life. I think concisely attempting to be mindful in small increments may be the way to go..very good tip!

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  2. Awesome! I have been trying to be Mindful myself. I agree, it is very hard work. Too many distractions and what ifs… However, I find that if I remind my self every 5 minutes it helps me stay in the moment!

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  3. Lol!! Yup I’ve missed many appointments because of not being mindful! “Oh crap, did I leave the oven on?!” The latest one: checking the lock 6 times before going to bed!

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  4. Ahh.. this is so true. It’s hard sometimes to be ever-present all the time, especially with long-winded people or reading a long article . Why don’t we just stop them? Why don’t we just put the paper down? What’s the harm in that?

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  5. lol me too. I once completely forgot about an appointment and remembered it the next day! The person I had the appointment with was not pleased. Leaving the oven on is a scary one. I used to think I left the stove on. Now I don’t use it at all in the morning. I boil my eggs the night before and always use a timer. I will keep trying to get mindfulness right. 🙂

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  6. Oh its still a struggle for me…In a fit of “mindfulness” I managed to slam my finger in a car door last week. No worries, it’s getting better. I’m still working on it daily and I am finding that I am capable of staying mindful for about 5-6 minutes at a time. Trying my best to build on that. What about you? Have you tried practicing mindfulness lately?

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  7. I practice Mindfulness, I managed to get it down perfectly and completely zone out a friend who never takes a breath when talking. I watched her lips move, but no sound. just heard the birds singing really loudly. I like the way your write.

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  8. Yes, I continue to struggle at times with Mindfulness but I love a challenge. I can think of so many situations where zoning out would definitely come in handy. For example at the dentist. Thank you so much for reading my blog.

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