Happy Today!

Happy Today! Drive In Movie

I Went to a drive-in movie for the first time. What an experience! At first, I didn’t want to see Christopher Robin. But it ended up really speaking to me. The part that I can’t get out of my mind was when Winnie the Pooh asked Christopher Robin, “What day is it today?” and Christopher Robin responded… “It’s today.” And Pooh replied “my favorite day!”

This dialog really made me think about how easy it is to be in cruise control and not truly enjoy life. I sat there thinking of when my “last” favorite day was. Yes, we all do it…this is a safe space. You can admit it here!

In order to live more like Pooh I have compiled a list of Things to make today my favorite day!

My Favourite day

#1 Write – (I’m doing that as we speak, yay me!)

#2 Sketch – I’m going to sketch as soon as I finish writing.

#3 Walk – for sure, after dinner today.

#4 Declutter??? Nah! Only because I know that if I start I won’t want to stop. I will give away every plate I own and then serve dinner in cups. That one is better off saved for a favourite weekend.

I normally wouldn’t start a favourite day sentence with the word don’t but this ones important so I will….

#5 Don’t let worry or stress eat away at your favourite day.

So, will today be my favourite day? Time will tell! What are you going to do or not do to make today your favourite day?

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10 thoughts on “Happy Today!

  1. To make my days good I always think on the bright side of things. When I don’t want to go to work I think to myself “at least I have a job” and if the food I was looking forward to eating gets finished… I’m still working on that one

  2. Yeah, it’s sad when you are excited about eating something. Then you get home and rush to the fridge and its not there anymore…I know how you feel, Im still working on that one too.

  3. I think my perfect version of “today” would be to BBQ and and listen to some oldies while sipping on a cocktail..

  4. Ooooohhh that’s a good one but I am more of an eater than a cook. So #6 would be to eat BBQ food while listening to oldies and sipping on a cocktail. Thanks for reading Wayne.

  5. Today is my favourite day! I am going to return something I bought impulsively. I am going to make chapati and eat it without worrying about carbs!and finally I am going read one of my favourite books on the deck. It can’t get better than that, or can it?

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