Moving Day Tips and Tricks!


Warning: This blog may or may not be suitable for all people who follow advice word for word. Women, men, children, pets and all individuals that are sensitive to the needs of their neighbours please continue reading. Oh, and one more thing, this blog was written with the intent of addressing the needs of newcomers to any neighbourhood, all tips are to be followed under your own discretion.

Let’s begin, moving is FUN! Here are a few tips for your big moving day:

  1. Since timing is everything, it’s best you move in the middle of the night and make as much noise as possible to let everyone know you got to the neighbourhood safely. For example, blast music from the moving truck, this will attract the right sort of
  2. Do not clean up any messes that are made on the street leading to your driveway (this is to ensure that everyone knows that you have only just moved into the neighbourhood.) Yup, Hansel and Gretel would have been great at this one! This tip will also help if things don’t work out in the new neighbourhood…how else would you identify the best route to your previous home.rubbish-1576990_640
  3. Stare everyone in the eye as you are moving your valuables in so that they know that their welcoming glances are much appreciated. This will undeniably show your new neighbours that you are a friendly newcomer and will make them feel the need to come over and introduce themselves.owl-243129_640
  4. Share as many details about your life with your new neighbours as possible. No such thing as TMI in a new neighbourhood! This will add value as it assists in your neighbours getting to know you as quickly as possible. It will also expedite the process of you integrating into your new community.

Follow all of these steps to make a lasting impression in your new neighbourhood. Or do the complete opposite and we can chat about whose move went better.

P.S. Happy move day to all. Even if you’re not moving now you will one day remember my sage advice and do your best to make a lasting impression. If you have a little bit more time to share here, check out the Palm Trees and Loyalties Gallery.

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