National Mulligan Day

National Mulligan Day

Thursday that just passed was October the 17th. For those who don’t know it was National Mulligan Day. Or, ”Do-Over Day” as some call it.

A few days came to mind that I would’ve liked to re-do. But, this one day in particular, kept running through my mind after I was reminded of Mulligan day.

I got a call for a job interview at a very prestigious company. It was my dream job. Even as I prepared to send out my cover letter and resume I hesitated. I then had two friends edit it and then check for mistakes. The fact that they even called me after I had applied for the fifth time in two years made me wonder if I was even the right candidate for the job.

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I told myself that every accomplishment had to have lead to this moment and I deserved the interview at this time in my life because I was really and truly ready!

On the day of the interview, I got dressed, did my hair and avoided phone calls from any naysayers and well-wishers. I told myself to be me and go land the job of my dreams. Getting to the interview early I could smell the prestige as soon as I walked in the building. The lobby area glistened like brand new coins. The furniture was brand new. It looked like they had just removed the protective plastic it was shipped in. Even the receptionist’s desk was scuff free. Everything was so beautiful and uncluttered. That was when I remembered that I should sign in 5 minutes before the interview and no earlier. It’s a rule I had heard when I went to a job agency once. I moved away from the alluring seating area and stood out of the receptionist’s view with a piece of paper in my hand. In my head, I recited the answers to every question. Even reciting the questions I had for Sam, the interviewer. Proper preparation is so important. Figuring out where the washroom was, I went in and checked my face.

Check Your Face

When I was finished, I went back into the lobby area and continued practicing answering interview questions. I took a step back not realizing that my back was against a floor to ceiling glass showcase. That was when I heard a click and then felt a whirl of wind around my knees. After that, there was a loud crash!

The receptionist quickly hung up the phone she had just answered and came rushing over. “What happened? Is everything ok? Are you ok?” I turned and looked at all of the big chunks of broken glass where I had stood a second before. “Yes, I’m fine.” “Who are you waiting to see?” “I’m here for an interview with Sam.” I told her my name and explained,

“I only slightly leaned on the glass and it came falling down.” She then told me the maintenance team was supposed to have secured the glass last night.

She asked me again for my name so she could call and let Sam know I was here. I stood a few feet away as she rushed around her desk and pressed a button on her phone. Then, she paused, turned and said something to Sam on the phone.


Throughout the whole interview, I couldn’t stop wondering what was said when she called Sam. I fumbled at the answers to the questions, even stuttered a few times.

Unable to perceive a world in which this would be a job landing interview I leaned forward and said to Sam, “sorry for breaking the glass case. Please don’t hold it against me, I really feel that I would flourish at this company.”

She looked at me, smiled and then wrote something down followed by silence. After way too many seconds she looked directly at me with confusion all over her face and said…what glass case?

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Sometimes as ashamed as you may be, it’s better you just move on and do your best to impress. But I couldn’t get passed it. I wasn’t surprised when I received the letter telling me I didn’t get the job. Now when I look back on it, was it a sign I wasn’t meant to work there?

Yet still, this last October 17th I wished again for that one do-over.

Does anyone have a Mulligan day they’d like to share?

If anyone does want to share I will be adding a link to your blog post here.  Just tag me on Twitter or let me know in comments. Thanks for reading!  🙂

  1. If I Could Do It Again – By Bill Fonda



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  1. I have so many moments I wish I could do over that picking one is not possible ! Its all water off my back and so I march on forward!!!

  2. Yeah me too. Some aren’t regrets but, they are things I could have done better at or dealt with better. But all we can do is learn and look forward right? Thanks for reading! 😁🌴

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