Alone on Wednesday


Alone on Wednesday

It’s a sunny Wednesday. I’m in the middle of the big city. Out for a day of exploring. While I look around and take everything in, literally everyone is busy looking at their phones. So what, I’m out here alone? I literally feel like I am out here alone…yet I’m around so many people. I can’t stand this!

Looking at their phones

What a waste of an outfit, a day, a Smile. What happened to paying attention to what’s going on around you?

What happened to being in the… Oh sorry I have to take this!……….

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9 thoughts on “Alone on Wednesday

  1. That’s so true! But, try chatting about the things that are on your mind, I’m sure you’ll come to find that your family cares. Whoever doesn’t care that’s their own issue, right? 🙂

  2. I used to do this a couple of years ago when I started blogging until I realized I was actually missing out the experiences that would make great blog posts. Now, especially when I’m out with others, I make sure to invest my time into the moment and not my phone. Plus, our eyes are the best lenses😁

    Natonya |

  3. Yes. I try to take at least one day or even half a day every weekend away from my phone. It’s hard when you’re trying to grow your blogging EMPIRE! 🤪But alas, it must be done for that reason exactly, missing out on real life is not good! 😁🌴

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