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Blogger Recognition-2Thank you so much to The Ray Journey for nominating me. Check out her blog The Ray Journey.  On her blog Ray explains the positives and negatives for each experience she has on her journey to financial freedom. Her blog is a trusted source with a lot of  insightful information! Thanks again Ray!

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The Palm Trees and Loyalties blog began because I needed to be doing something other than applying for jobs day in and day out. I wanted a job as a writer and without experience, no one was calling! I thought to myself, the best way to gain experience is by actually writing.

Laughing is essential for me to be me so, why not start a blog all about life experiences?


The Palm Trees and Loyalties blog is my way of making people laugh through my experiences.

At the time, being laid off was one of my worst life moments. Even though I wasn’t laid off from my dream job, the rejection sucked! Don’t cry for me though. I saw it coming which made it all the more embarrassing! But alas, with every embarrassing moment comes clarity. The situation made me realize that doing what I love is important. One life to live so on and so forth! By putting myself out there I’m a few steps closer to my goals of becoming a full-time writer or artist than when I first started this blog! It’s funny that I thought I would stop blogging after finding a job. I love blogging, sketching, writing, watching as my family reads what I write. Writing again then threatening my family into reading again. Relax! They aren’t real threats. It’s more like, “why do we have the internet if you’re not reading my blog?” Things of that nature. It’s all in fun!


My first piece of advice to new bloggers is to read, find inspiration and write.

But don’t take too much time “Finding inspiration” because that can easily lead to procrastination. I gather inspiration from real life and that may not be the same for everyone. So it’s imperative to just write and figure out what works best for you! When I first started my blog it was easy to second guess myself and think that what I had written wasn’t good enough but. Putting myself out there has been a fantastic confidence booster. Write, edit and post it will do wonders for your blog and your writing confidence!

My second gem of advice is to remember that your blog is your space.

If you don’t like something change it and don’t be afraid to try different things to find your way. Don’t ever forget that your blog is YOUR Space!

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