Time Travel


I love music. Music makes time travel possible! My favorite radio stations are the ones that play songs from the 80’s. They take me back in time and sometimes it’s difficult to back to the present. The memories are just too funny or in some instances too painful!

I travel through time whenever I hear that song Blame It on The Rain –by Milli Vanilli. I hear the first few chords play and…I’m back in the hairdresser’s chair waiting for my curls to set. I begin to sob and can’t even explain that my rabbit had died the night before. Everyone assumes it’s the Jheri burning me…but it isn’t. Get it together! Yeah, I’m ok now.


Oh, and the seesaw incident. What, you’re really going to pretend you don’t know what that is eh? Well, seesaws were around before parents started to coddle their young and before all of the child safety concerns? I remember that day so clearly. It was a sunny afternoon and everyone was excited about beginning summer vacation. I had decided to play on the seesaw with a friend who was a healthier weight for her age than myself. I was strong but very bony and desperate to gain weight. I never wore dresses or skirts because I was sure my legs looked like two toothpicks sticking out of a Styrofoam cup. I envied my friend, no one ever tried to bully her. I was probably about fifteen pounds lighter than her despite all the eating I had accomplished during lunch hour. So, we were seated and bouncing back and forth on the seesaw. Every time she would push-off the pebbly ground with her feet, I would soar above the seat of the seesaw. It was lots of fun until…I let go of the bar that the teachers always told us to hold on to. child-182014_960_720I went flying and landed close to the exit fence. I got up and was all upset. Not because I had scraped my knee and hurt myself but because I had ripped my pleated front acid-wash jeans that I had begged my parents for. That incident always comes to mind when I hear the song SARA –by STARSHIP. I literally can feel myself flying through the air like Jazzy Jeff on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air when Uncle Phil would throw him out of the house.

Or even when that song These Dreams –by Heart plays on the radio, it reminds me of that day I was bugging my 3rd-grade crush. It had rained earlier and I was stepping in puddles and then kicking so that the water from the puddle would splash him. It was all fun and games and was supposed to end when the bell rang. We all lined up in front of blue door number four waiting to go back inside.

I continued stepping in puddles and kicking water at him. I didn’t realize that my suede shoe had taken on too much water so…my final kick didn’t go as planned. My shoe flew off my foot! Why did he turn around smiling just in time for the back of the shoe to hit him square on his nose? His smile was replaced by tears as he held his nose when it started to bleed. I hopped right over beside him, took a knee and put my shoe back on. He went to the office with a bloody nose and my crush was over. Yeah, I was afraid of blood at the time. Although I didn’t help him, I felt really awful. As much as I like the song These Dreams; when I hear it, I have to claw away from the memory of all that blood!

I can laugh about some of those memories now but, I still can’t listen to that one Milli Vanilli song. Time travel through music?…Is there anyone else like this or am I the only one?

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