Will it be Legible?

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We all sat and watched as Mrs. Robertson wrote all 26 letters of the alphabet on the chalkboard. Geoff’s finger dropped from his nose as he stared at the board in aww. She made it all look so easy. Reminiscent of an ocean tide, some letters were far more bloated and stood out from the rest. Then, there were other letters like the lower-case G that dipped below the line as though it was dodging someone it owed money. By the time Mrs. R was finished most of us felt distrustful of her ambition of us all. Who was she to think that we would ever be able to write in cursive, script or longhand as some people called it?

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Kids aren’t learning how to write in cursive anymore. It’s sad, but it does make our generation all the more special. We learned it! Some of us eventually became experts at leaning and joining all the letters of a word together.

But, now all letters stand alone! We all cower, recoil and wonder as we write; “Will it be legible?” Cursive handwriting is what’s missing in the world today! I know I miss it and want to see more of it. The reason is when words are written in cursive they look nicer. Cursive handwriting tricks the eye into thinking you are writing something nice.

Let’s play a little with that thought. If I wrote a bad word in cursive would it be as harsh as it would be in this font? (For those of you who don’t swear I write this purely with the intention of proving a point. So please keep reading…)                                                     

Jack was acting like an ass!

Now look at it again but in cursive handwriting.

Handwritten IMG_2781

Doesn’t Jack seem like he was acting like less of an ass when written in cursive? I think so.

Although, often times I write things with the intention of making my readers chuckle to themselves and maybe share with others here is my disclaimer: Jack bears no relation to any living person. Jack acting like an ass has no bearing on your life unless your name is Jack. In that case sorry Jack. Also, If this made you laugh we are a lot alike. If it made you cringe, I’m so glad you were able to get through it with one eye open. I promise my true intention was only to make everyone ponder.

There’s a new addition to the Palm Trees and Loyalties Gallery by the way. But really, where has cursive writing gone?

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8 thoughts on “Will it be Legible?

  1. Unfortunately cursive is the past and will never come back! Our society is way too impatient to take the time to make words jump off of the page anymore. Dam I feel old!

  2. Yes! Cursive writing looks great and it shows that the writer is being mindful while doing it! I am sure some students would love it if given a chance! Let’s put it to a vote !!!

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