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Ok, so I’m not as fit as the young lady above but, I am trying to walk more. I used to walk so fast that I put myself in the category of nearly speed walking which sometimes turned into speed tripping. I don’t walk for my health like most people, I have recently been walking for another reason. Guys, it’s official, I have joined a league. You know the one. It’s the one where people wear what looks like a watch, they exercise, take the stairs, walk or even intentionally run. They ever so often check their wrists to see how they are doing. At the end of the week in their email boxes, they get updates and can even see how many steps their friends and family took in comparison to their own. It tracks everything. Now that I think about it, it’s like Santa or Saint Nicholas. (Depending where you’re from). How about we call it Father Fitmas?


It sees you when you’re sleeping and knows when you’re awake and moving. And even when you avoided taking those stairs. What if we could program it to rat on us when we don’t eat right? Enter Mufasa’s voice, [TAKE ANOTHER BITE OF THAT CAKE, AND I WILL FORCE YOU TO EAT KUMQUATS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!] Or, maybe I haven’t discovered how to enable that feature? Yeah, so that’s the league I’m in.

Today I wore it and trekked all over the city. I reinforced my every step with the knowledge that it was all being recorded.

I even found time to use the heart rate tracker when that sweet dog barked through the fence and scared me. dog-900215__340Not to worry, I ever so casually looked around to check if anyone saw what a chicken I was. A few steps after passing said house, I continued my leisurely walk. Yes, even a couple of beads of sweat may have rested gently on my brow. Or I may have sweated a lot…It was a hot day!

The first thing I did when I got home was to check how many steps I had taken. Looking back at me was an empty battery bar. Upset that I had taken all those unrecorded steps for my health, I plugged Father Fitmas in to charge. Curses! Why hadn’t I charged it last night? Now more than ever I realize that I absolutely need my Father Fitmas’ validation to get moving. As soon as it finishes charging I will slap it back on. Walking without bragging rights, who does that?


Oh well, at the very least I am now being present. I am mindfully counting my every step until I slap it back on.

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10 thoughts on “Watch Me!

  1. Lol @ Father Fitmus..although I may have to invest in one of those very soon too!

  2. Thank you for reminding me about being mindful enough to charge my Father Fitmas! The other day I got a surprise in my email box…”736 miles—the entire length of Italy—you’ve stepped your way to another lifetime badge. That’s a colossal achievement!” How exciting and motivational is that!!

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