When Did You Know You Weren’t a Kid Anymore?

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When Did You Know You Weren’t a Kid Anymore?

My last post was all about signs you are an adult. I’m going to point out that it’s a very faint line between being a child and being an adult. The reason I’m pointing this out is that sometimes it happens so suddenly you may not even realize. I remember the day that line wasn’t faint anymore.

I was in my 20’s on my very first vacation. I thought it would be lots of fun to ride the Niagara SkyWheel. Everyone looked as if they were having fun. I could see a few faces as the wheel turned while I patiently waited my turn in the long line. Even as people were getting off the ride they all looked happy in the decision they had made. Everyone was off the ride. They began letting two people get on the ride at a time. Then the wheel would turn a little bit so the next two people could get on. Now it was my turn. What happened next never occurred to me. I got into the carriage and noticed there wasn’t anything holding the bottom of the carriage to the Ferris wheel. It swung…guys, it literally swung when I stepped on! The fear that pierced through my heart accompanied the sound of deafening sirens warning me to get off the ride posthaste. I casually ignored the signs and sat down trying to act calm. After all, there were children in the carriage in front of us and they were fine. If I showed my fear they could get scared. Besides, they were so convincing.

Happy, Convincing Kids

My eyes were closed, as I tried not to be where I was. Every now and I could feel the carriage swing to and fro. Feet and body dangling. Talking to myself loudly I said; “you’re gonna be ok!” Then I told myself “hey, you brave soul, you’ve climbed ladders surely you can open your eyes!” I opened them and wished I hadn’t! They were letting the last few people on the ride so we were way at the top of the wheel now. I made a conscious effort to keep my eyes open. Don’t get me wrong, it was a beautiful sight. Beautiful in that way that also strikes a chord of panic in your heart! So, here we were, swinging, dangling precariously to me but obviously not to anyone else. Then we jolted forward and the ride started. We spun over and over again. Low then high. Faster and faster. I could imagine the whole huge Ferris wheel disconnecting from its base and tumbling down into Niagara Falls. I wanted to throw up, faint, I was sweating and cold all at once.

Height in Picture Was Higher Than it Appears

When the ride finally stopped I remember selfishly wishing that I would be the first one to get off the ride. My wish came true! As I took the first step, my knees turned to mush. I was so happy for my feet to be touching a floor that didn’t sway, I wanted to kiss the floor. My first thought was to prepare a will, my second thought was to eat cheese. Don’t judge, I had risked it all on that ride so why not? Besides, I was on vacation!

Cheese, Delicious Cheese!

That was the day the squiggly pencilled in line was rewritten in pen, on a ruled line! I could no longer bounce between being a child or an adult. It was no longer a choice. The fear of getting injured or let’s be honest, my mortality ruled over the things I used to be fine with doing. For me, that was the day that I realized I was an adult.

When did you realize you were an adult?

Thanks for reading. See you here next week.

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4 thoughts on “When Did You Know You Weren’t a Kid Anymore?

  1. I was eighteen and it was Xmas. My mom went into labor and my dad told me to get ready so I could go with my mom to the hospital. Dinner was underway and I was starving! I felt great as I took up the challenge and that is when I knew I was an adult!

  2. Oh my, that must have been frightening. But, I can imagine how much it meant to you to be trusted with such a huge responsibility. Sometimes even before we realize it, the people around us know 😁. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Please be sure to check in next Sunday.

  3. The first sign that I was an adult was when I received my first pay cheque. I had all sorts of plans for my hard earned money until I realized that a quarter of my pay was missing..TAXES!! That when I realized that I was an adult !

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