Give me Back My Time!

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Between working 40 hours a week and then 10 hours during the weekend running errands and visiting family and friends I’ve become like everyone else…BUSY. (image above is of me…being busily blurry. lol) I’ve been trying to find ways not to be so busy.

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For example, this weekend I did some online grocery shopping for the first time. It freed up enough time for me to eat breakfast on a Saturday morning. When I say eat breakfast I mean sit down and taste every bite, mindfully eat breakfast! Don’t get me wrong though, online grocery shopping was very taxing.

I still had to:

1. Choose all my usual staples.
2. Make sure the quantities were correct for the people I was cooking for. I had to make the decision that I didn’t need a pound of ground beef for burgers unless my family suddenly had gotten bigger without me knowing.
3. I even had to select each item and gently place them into my own cart. I didn’t want to wake anyone up.

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By the time I was finished I was so drained I had even broken a sweat! (Thank you Victor for demonstrating the tiredness that consumed me) I gathered up my last ounce of energy and very gently threw in a load of laundry and then reluctantly did my weekend cleanup. I went to put the broom away and the doorbell rang. My groceries had arrived! It was the best time grocery shopping I had ever had! I will not be leaving the house to go grocery shopping anymore, what a time saver! The only problem was that my pickiness stopped me from ordering fruit. So, I ended up physically going grocery shopping on Sunday. But only for fruit.

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With a dramatic drape of my right hand over my sweaty left brow and a deep sigh… It’s the little things that make a difference in life.

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