Tiredness: Expectation vs. Reality

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Tiredness: Expectation vs. Reality Photo by Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush on Pexels.com

Have you ever been so tired? Like, not wanting to get out of bed tired? I hate telling Alexa to snooze because I feel like it’s a false sense of comfort. You lul yourself back to sleep only for the alarm to go off again, what’s the point? So, I pulled myself out of bed and it was as if it was zombie time. Once upon a time while tired I penciled in one eyebrow and then left the bathroom thinking I’d done both. One time I took the toothpaste downstairs  and placed it in the kitchen cupboard. But, out of all the strange things I’ve done while tired, there was this one thing that really took the cake! I did this last year and it took me this long to write about it. Here goes nothing

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When I got to work I said my usual hello to the security guard. Hello to the wonderful cleaning lady and then proceeded to say hi to a few co-workers that were passing by. I walked into the office area said hi to a few more people and sat down at my desk to begin the day. Computer on, logged in and waited for my emails to upload. Then I thought ok, I should go put my lunch in the fridge and get a coffee. That would likely help with the feeling of exhaustion dangling recklessly over my head. I took my snacks out of my lunch bag and placed them on a napkin on my desk. Got up and went to put my lunch away. Once again said my hello’s, hi’s and good mornings chatted with a few more of my friendly co-workers. Placed my lunch in the fridge and chatted with yet another coworker a little. When I went back to my desk and sat down I looked down at my feet and that was when I noticed it. I had come all the way to work with 2 different shoes on.

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Non-Twinning Shoes Photo by Ivandrei Pretorius on Pexels.com

Processing the actual, factual of my mistake. It slowly dawned on me. I had wandered around talking to people and they had talked back to me. We had had conversations. like some of us had had full-on conversations. So, why was it that no one had told me that my shoes were not a set, not twinning, not matching, not even the same colour or anything?

I very quickly put on an extra pair of shoes that were under my desk and moved on with my day. Did I mention that in all of this I must have passed the security desk a total of 3 times? Ok, due to the height of her desk maybe she didn’t realize?

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Security? Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

To this day I don’t have answers and I don’t think it would be kind to put anyone on the spot or anything. But really, no one thought this was important info to share? What if I had a meeting or interviews?

And that is the danger of going to work tired.

Expectation: Get to work dressed impeccably and ready to impress.

Reality: Nope.

The fashion faux pas that you could make are just way too embarrassing.  I’m not encouraging anyone to call in sick when they are tired, but…?

By the way, there’s a new sketch in the gallery. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Yes, I have been so tired that after a long day fixing, decluttering, cleaning and putting everything in the right place, the power drill ended up in the deep freezer! For three weeks!

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