Sharing Gratitude…My top 10 List

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Sharing Gratitude…My top 10 List  Photo by Snapwire on

I have a feeling that this is a great time to do a reset and share a list of the top 10 things I’m grateful for. There are far too many bad things going on around the world not to bring up some good right about now. This post is all about gratitude so if you’re feeling miserable I get it but this might help! Let me know if you are grateful for any of the things that hit my list too.

  1. My family and friend. Fam. no matter what you are there. Through all the ups and downs of life we help each other and make each other better. I say friend because you know when you have that one person who you can tell anything and be away from them for weeks /months at a time and as soon as you see each other again it’s like no time has past? I’m being a show off because…I have 1 of those.

    photograph of happy children
    Fam ..Photo by samer daboul on
  2. My health. No explanation necessary!
  3. A place to live. Even if it’s a work in progress it’s still a roof over our heads. I keep my checklist of things to do in my head and sometimes I might not even think about it for weeks at a time. No rush. Everything comes with time.
  4. Earning money to do all those fun things like paying bills. Even having the opportunity to buy delicious foods, home decor, and clothes.
  5. Coffee because otherwise I would be that chick that sleeps at work. You all know someone who does it, don’t lie!
  6. Nature just because it’s beautiful and always energizes me.

    photo of person standing on rocks
    Nature Photo by Stijn Dijkstra on
  7. My many creative outlets. They all keep me going.
  8. Summer time. I know its kind of weird to be grateful for a season but why can’t a season be a reason…to be grateful? Yeah, I rhyme sometimes.
  9. Water just because it’s good. Strange fact about me I get as moody as a 2 year old when I don’t drink enough water during the day. I’ve pitched a fit and then gotten a headache far too many times to not see a correlation.
  10. My ability to meditate. Sometimes I take it for granted and don’t use it when I should but when I do oh boy! Im the calmest person you could ever have around you.

So…what are you grateful for?

Hopefully this post helps boost you gratitude meter. Live in the present and enjoy every step you take in life no matter how big or small. Thanks for reading.

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