3 Things I Learned About Disappointment

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I’m trying to write outside today. Not so sure how it’s going to work out but here goes…

My siblings and I were sometimes begrudgingly dragged to get-togethers when we were kids. We were usually steeped in our culture especially over the weekend. We greeted people, smiled politely, laughed, replied, and accepted some of the things that were happening around us. Parental questioning was usually allowed after the parties. There were many subtle nuances that I had to learn since I was the youngest in the family.

There was one particular get together that is still clear as day in my mind. A family friend was having a get together so we all went. My siblings and I hung out with the other kids, talked about music, and played. You guys remember that hockey game from the 80s with knobs and pulls that moved the players around? I loved that game. Oh yeah, it was called table hockey. Funny, we rarely had a table to play it on. depending on whose house you were at, that game was always played either on the floor or on a bed. That night, in particular, we played to our heart’s content. We all had a lot of fun.

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Eventually, most of the kids went home or fell asleep on the coat bed. My siblings and I were wide awake and decided to go out on the balcony to get some fresh air. We were outside for a few minutes when one of the men came outside with us and lit a cigarette. We tried to leave and he asked us why we were leaving. He then asked if we like amusement parks and when we all proclaimed yes he said: “Ok, tomorrow at 9 AM I will bring you to the amusement park, I will come to your house, pick all of you up and we go!” Mom came outside and told us it was time to go home. We said our goodbyes and Dad pushed the down elevator button. The elevator doors shook and slowly opened we all piled in and left.

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When we got home, everyone slept but me. I was so excited to go to the amusement park. I woke my sister up for the fourth time to ask when we were going. The moonlight shining on her face allowed me to see her roll her eyes, then she silently placed her pillow over her head and continued to sleep. My imagination took me to all the rides and roller coasters we would go on. I ate cotton candy and drank pop while running from one ride to the next. Tilted my ice cream cone and remembered right before it fell off to turn it back the right way. I tripped over my shoelace bent down and tied it again. Still, no sleep came to me.

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It was now 6:30 am on Sunday morning. I jumped out of bed and looked out the window. It was a nice day to go to the amusement park. I brushed my teeth and started getting ready to go. My parents woke up and asked me where I was going and I told them. They chuckled and said ok. “What time is he supposed to be here?” 9 am. My father shook his head and I got defensive. “He had said he was bringing us today. It’s today so we’re going!” I made myself some cereal, sat down and defiantly chomped every Corn Flake.

The day passed, I coloured, played with toys and did the little things that children do while they wait.

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Eventually, my sister and I sat by the door and waited some more. I checked in to see if her belief was wavering. She said to me. “Mom and Dad are right he’s not coming!” Anger quickly multiplied in my heart by 20s. Why would she say such a thing? “He said he was coming to pick us up so that is exactly what he is going to do. Maybe he’s running late. He’s still coming to pick us up, and he’s on his way!”

By 2 PM I was shattered. I fell asleep, then woke up, cried, and ate again. He never showed up! Didn’t even call! My heart broke because there was no comprehending why anyone would lie to my siblings and me.

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He taught me a few lessons that I have kept with me. Here are my 3 things that I learned about Disappointment. First of all, the things we learn as children follow us into adulthood. It was this experience that taught me to be cautious of who I trust. Lastly, I learned not to make promises that I couldn’t keep. Thank you for that and I ain’t mad at you. Anymore that is…

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I did it. I wrote about 95% of this post outside. This bench is uncomfortable!

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day.

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