Take the Stress Out of Waiting

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When there’s nothing to do what do you do?

Waiting can be hard. I used to people watch when I took public transit. I would formulate a fake life story by looking at people, using clues like:

1. A book the person was reading.
2. Choice of shoes.
3. Jewelry, was it given to them or did they buy it for them self.
4. Lunch bag or plastic bag?
5. How much makeup they were wearing.
6. Manicured or unmanicured nails or were they wearing gloves? I once spotted a man wearing rubber gloves on the bus. I decided he was a scientist on his way home and had forgotten to remove his gloves after working on his invention of some new corrosive material. For all, I know he could have been a proctologist! Either way, I didn’t touch any of the bus poles he touched!

Funnier still was the fact that I never wondered if anyone was doing the same thing to me while they passed the time. Was I ever a scientist, demolition expert, or even an arborist in someone’s imagination?

Back to waiting. As time ticked on, it became imperative to find something to fill that nothingness gap. My go-to thing to do while waiting became using my phone. See my phone has the ability to distract or shelter me from the panic I could otherwise be feeling about the things going on around me. For example, in a hospital waiting room. Or, waiting for that final exam to begin when I don’t remember what I studied. The unsettling feeling that things aren’t as they are supposed to be or just not knowing what’s coming next. We’ve all been through it.

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My recent wait gave me the opportunity to read a lot of different blog posts and delve into other peoples experiences in life. I always read blogs but this was about 8 hours of reading. I was transported to so many different places and enjoyed all of the different writing styles and experiences I read about.

So, this post is dedicated to all of my fellow bloggers. Thank you all, keep writing and just do you.

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7 thoughts on “Take the Stress Out of Waiting

  1. Waiting can feel like forever if you zone in on the fact that you’re waiting, so you like you said it’s good to take the stress out it. Reading is so relaxing and perfect for this type of environment. I too like catching up on blog posts! Thanks for sharing 😄👏🏾

    Natonya | https://justnatonya.wordpress.com

  2. I’m such a patient person until i’m not. But yeah reading is a great way to kill time. I even resort to reading signs if I don’t have a book handy and don’t want to pull out my phone because people stand too close in the Walmart line. 🤣

  3. O I know exactly what you mean 😂 the other day I pulled out my phone and felt like the customer behind me was reading over my shoulder 👀🤣😂

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