Have you Joined The Raptors Bandwagon?

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Have You Joined the Raptors Bandwagon Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

Yes! The Raptors finally won the Championship😁. It was inevitable considering the city of Toronto hadn’t won a championship in any sport in a  while. They all worked so hard for it too. I didn’t go to the parade though. There were a few million people too many for my liking. I would have been way out of my comfort zone.

But this was my journey in watching the Raptors clinch the title.

Do what you have to do but, balance it out by doing the things you love to do as well. I used to walk away or find something Pinteresting to look at when any sport was on t.v. But, the Raptors have captured my attention a few times recently.

You guys know I’m not the biggest fan of watching sports. I have to admit it though, basketball has become captivating with the Raptors in the NBA Finals. I guess I’ve become what people like to refer to as a bandwagon hopper, jumper or whatever! Or am I? Does it count if a person historically doesn’t show interest in watching any sports? Or if said person isn’t actually watching to follow fashion or just to be part of the pack? Lately, the game is actually interesting to me sometimes… or, more often than usual. Thanks to my savvy listening skills I actually know more than I thought I did about the championship teams.

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At the beginning of Friday’s game, it was as if there was a lid on the opposing teams net. I got up and walk away for a bit. But I still needed to know what was happening. I’m finding it hard to stay away or even to show my usual disinterest. Even when I don’t watch, every now and then I ask…”Alexa who’s winning the Raptor’s game?” She keeps me in the loop. Judging by all the talk about the Finals I’m not the only one with an inquisitive mind. This past Wednesday as interesting as the game was my sketchbook was calling me and I had to pick it up. Instead of watching the game I gathered my things and moved to a quiet spot to sketch. But, every now and then I would check in with the Raptors. If it wasn’t for all the Adulting I had to do the next morning I would have stayed up! As strange as this is for me to write, sketch time and watching or listening to the Raptors play have both become my Me or We time. As you can see the Raptors are really bringing everyone together.

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High Five Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Growing and changing is part of life. And I don’t know if after the finals are over I will become a real Raptors fan. Who knows, maybe my definition of Me or We time will change forever? That’s ok. Taking part in this historic moment as it unfolds feels right and makes it real. I can shout from the top of the CN Tower while wearing a We the North t-shirt and eating a bag of Lay’s Ketchup chips…

LET’S GO RAPTORS! And I will most definitely hear it shouted right back at me!

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my latest addition to the Palm Trees and Loyalties Gallery. Here’s a hint for you about who I drew…She’s beautiful, smart and very Grown-ish!

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