Palm Trees and Loyalties LOGO Designed by Me. Thanks CANVA!

This blog started out as a space where I shared stories. I have enjoyed writing and will continue but, I have other things that I love to do as well. I have decided to start showcasing my artwork here.

Let’s back track a little…When I was a kid I would tell anyone who asked, that I wanted to be an artist. Now, here I am telling you guys. It was all I wanted to do, well that or to be a veterinarian. Eventually, I faced the truth that if I had become a vet, I would have also had to start an ultra-lux dog boarding space within my home. Just because of my love for dogs. So yes, I would have easily gotten carried away saving every dog in a bad situation.

Soon to come, I will be adding something new to this site! I will be showcasing my sketches right here. The new page will be part of my menu. As soon as its up and running I will let you all know. Some of my art is completed while some of it will be considered works in progress. To begin, I’m going to share a couple of my sketches.

Here goes, this one is a work in progress that I just began today.


More to come. Thanks for reading.

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