Why You Shouldn’t Hate Mondays Anymore

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Why You Shouldn’t Hate Mondays Anymore Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

Why can’t Monday’s be easy like Sunday morning? Even Garfield proudly hated Mondays. And so many artists have written songs about their general disdain for Mondays. Most of us dread Mondays and have turned it into the villain in our life story. It’s like Daenerys Targaryen throwing a lavish party and Cersei shows up uninvited. Or Selina Myers finally winning the presidency and then finding out that the vice-president elect is Jonah Ryan. Monday is painted as the antagonist in our lives, it stops us from getting or doing what we really want to do.

My intention is to hype up Mondays since they have such a bad rep. Maybe instead of looking at Monday as the nemesis, we should look at every Monday as a clean slate. After all, we have the whole week ahead of us. No days to look back on as having been squandered. It’s an exciting fresh start. What I’m saying is that we should look at every Monday as that day that Ice Cube rapped about or maybe even Fresh Prince’s first day in Bel Air. Just because, maybe it will be a good day. I’m on a mission to make this Monday the best Monday that ever happened.

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Ahhh, Monday! Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

In the spirit of sharing, one good thing I did on a Monday was starting this blog. The first post I published was on Tuesday, only because it took me time to ready myself. Looking back on it now, starting this blog was a real eye-opener for me because it gave me an outlet for my creativity.

I’ve shared one good thing from my Mondays past, now it’s your turn. In the comments, add in one good thing that you did or that happened to you on a Monday.

Happy Monday!

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5 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Hate Mondays Anymore

  1. My family and I arrived in Canada from the desert on a Monday evening in December! It snowed later that night and we all lined up along the balcony window completely mesmerized by the falling snow flakes! It was magical seeing snow for the first time. Monday is the beginning of a new week! It was the beginning of our new life in this glorious Country!!!!
    Long Live Monday👍🏾

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  2. Now that’s a wonderful Monday! 😁You all Must have been so happy, scared, overwhelmed yet joyous! There’s something about seeing all those opportunities for yourself and your family ahead of you at once. Thank you so much for sharing that.


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