Signs You Might Have Referred the Wrong Guy

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I was once approached by a friend for a paint job referral. Mind you, the paint job she had was still fantastic. She had told me her cousin had done it by himself. The person I referred to do the job was our previous superintendent. He had done some work around our place for purely aesthetic reasons. Everything looked great! We were pleased with the amount of time the jobs took, the cost and with the outcome.

Naturally, we referred him. He went to her house and they chatted about what the job would entail and all the details were planned out. She chose the colours and even picked them up from the paint store.

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On the day the project was set to begin the doorbell rang and she excitedly opened the door expecting to see the gentleman she had chosen for the job. Instead, there were 2 young men standing on her doorstep. Let me be as clear as possible here. They were teenagers, they had braces, pimples, and the body odour that tends to escort teenage boys wherever they do hard work. She tried to look past them to see if the contractor was lollygagging in the truck. As she watched the truck silently backed out of the driveway and she had no recourse.”Hi, we here to paint!” She hesitantly let them inside. They began to cover up certain things around the living room. The TV, the stereo system, her tv box, even her hardwood floors. They covered everything that didn’t need paint in it to function. At this point, she started to think wow, they do know what they are doing! Guilt welled up in her throat for her assumptions. She left them alone and went out on the deck to read. They left when night eventually fell. She locked the door and looked around knowing they weren’t done but she could see her vision coming to light. The smell of paint nearly superseding the lingering smell of B.O. If anything the smell was her confirmation that they had worked very hard.

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Morning came and the doorbell rang. As she descended the stairs she thought wow it’s like they’re already here. The same 2 boys came in and continued painting. She went out onto the deck again to read. By afternoon, the boys came outside. “Were finished!” Often, with wet paint, it’s hard to tell what’s been painted and what hasn’t especially if the previous paint colour is similar to the new paint colour. She paid them and they left in more of a rush than when they came in. As she walked through her house she started noticing unpainted corners, and window frames, even baseboards.

Parts of the stairs were even painted that shouldn’t have been.

It was as if she had asked the 3 blind mice to do charity work for her yet I’m sure they would have done a better job. When she got upstairs she noticed that they had even used one of her 900 GSM Turkish towels to pull paint from her hardwood floors. Smearing paint all over. When she told me that part I gasped, and she cried!

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Who do you think was to blame for this? I was! They damaged our friendship and without a care in the world moved onto the next house. Sad to say but she and I are no longer friends. Eventually, I found out that the superintendent had lost his job months before this incident, leaving no way to contact him. Word to the wise, be sure to know who you are referring. Explain to them that when they do a good job they will be called to do more “good jobs!” Keep in mind that contractors should take pride in their work. If they need to find someone to take over a job, that subcontractor should do a similar job to what they would have done themselves. It’s also a good practice to do a walk through together after the work is complete. This is to verify that the work is completed to your liking.

Last but not least, if you physically can and have the know-how, it’s sometimes better to just do the job yourself during your staycation. If you have the time that is. 🙂

Speaking of which, did you read my post on How to Staycation the right Way ? If you haven’t go ahead and give it a read. Please, stay safe during reno season.

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  1. Yes ! Refering a service person to a friend or family member is a very serious undertaking ! You are saying that you know the refered person and you stand by their work and their work habits! If they mess up, there is nothing much you can do to redeem yourself! Auch😭

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