Mindfulness Argh!!! The Frightening Continuation…

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Mindfulness Argh!!! The Frightening Continuation…Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This month of Mindfulness has been pretty good. I’ve been in a routine of meditating every night. It has come to my attention that the more I meditate the better I get at it. Alexa’s assistance has helped me a great deal. I used to listen to 80’s music every night. Eventually, I realized that I wasn’t really sleeping. I had far too many dreams of being stuck in cartoon videos to continue sleeping with the 80’s as my background music. Now I only listen to those tunes while I’m wide awake!

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The first night I switched from the 80’s tunes I tried heavy rain sounds mixed with some bird chatter.

I fell asleep immediately. It wasn’t until I was startled in the middle of the night that I knew I had chosen the wrong sleep sounds. I felt like I had been running across the country or cross country. Never mind, the point is that I was drained! Here is where I remind you that I don’t run unless I’m being chased. So waking up feeling this way was extremely alarming for me. My heart raced and so did my mind. I was even sweating and for someone who is forever cold, I don’t need to tell you about the automatic panic that set in. When I concentrated on my breathing and began to relax again, all I could hear was the echoing sounds of bird chatter in the background. The nightmare came flooding back. The birds were chasing me, they picked me up and then let me go repeatedly. I ran like the Olympic champ I could only be in my dreams. Everywhere I went there they were again. Their black little eyes staring me down. I have no idea why I thought bird chatter mixed with rain would be a good idea. Now, my question is; why would birds be squawking while it was raining heavily anyway? Do they do this and I’ve never noticed?

Who made this sleep sound and why?

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Bird Chatter Photo by Tom Swinnen on Pexels.com

I still struggle with mindfulness sometimes. But, with trial and error, I’ve figured out that rain storm sounds along with intermittent thunderclaps works best for me. With continuous practice, I’m actually getting better at realizing what works.

Thanks for reading. Alexa off!

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7 thoughts on “Mindfulness Argh!!! The Frightening Continuation…

  1. Your dream reminds me of the monkey- birds that were throwing around the scarecrow in the Wizard Of Oz!

  2. The recent turn in the weather has sent most people into different shades of gray with complaints about how long winter has lasted! I have had to focus on being in the moment as much as possible ! I am happy to say my days have been brighter😂

  3. Yes and how long is winter going to be? I’m really not a fan. Whatever it takes to make they days brighter though. 😁 thank you so much for reading and commenting.

  4. A huge thing that helped me was the fact that al meditation really is is the mind watching its self without commenting on what comes up. A practice I like to do to incorporate this concept into my daily life is by sitting outside at a park or sit at a restaurant and observe everything moving around me. It will feel weird at first but after a while, it’s fun to see how long I am able to sit and thoughtlessly watch the world. Maybe that’s something that will help.

  5. Wow, thanks. I need to try that. Another thing I heard is good is trying not to name the sounds you hear around you. I’m still working on that one. It’s hard to shut the naming off because it’s really automatic for me. It’s still a work in progress. Thank you so much for sharing this tip. 😁

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