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Well, its Daylight saving time this weekend. I feel that I should share a few tips for the weekend when the clocks spring forward. For those of you who don’t have to go through this basically, in spring all clocks go forward by 1 hour. This is so that in the summer when we have bbq’s we can stay out longer since it’s still sunny outside. We are like birds, when the sun goes down we automatically fall asleep. Daylight saving time is also great because it’s a great way to keep tourists on their toes.  Some nights in the summer the sun doesn’t go down until 9pm. Yet, the sun also comes up early in the summer as well.

Just a few tips for daylight savings time weekend:

#1 Please do not mentally prepare yourself for this change, it’s better to adjust as you go. I suggest having loads of fun all weekend and binge-watching television all weekend. (Same as every weekend)

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#2 Don’t sleep! In fact, have a stay awake challenge with your friends and family.

In preparation for feeling like a wet blanket on Monday morning after the clocks spring forward, it is best to:

#1 Pack your lunch and make it a heavy lunch. The best meal to pack is turkey with mashed potatoes because the tryptophan in turkey has been known to help people stay awake for many hours. Rumour says that it’s just like coffee!

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#2 Bring snacks to energize you. The sweeter the better. Bring candy and also, load up on sweet treats. The sugar high will also help you stay awake.

#3 Don’t look at the clocks and stay away from all windows. Just like in the movie Bird Box if you look you might regret it! Too much daylight can be harmful to the corneas. Besides, you don’t need reminders of the good old days when you could wake up early and it was dark. Go home early and it was dark.

#4 Stay Hydrated. Drink a lot of water and pop. That way you can take lots of washroom breaks. So that you can take sporadic short naps in the washroom stalls. There’s nothing better than being well rested.

I’m sure you all know that if you do the opposite of each post you too can and will survive daylight saving.

I love this time of year.  Even though we lose an hour of sleep its still so worth it!

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  1. Although I loath “losing” that hour of sleep moving the clock forward reminds me that winter will soon be’s worth it!

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