On the Hunt

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On the Hunt Photo by Mica Asato on Pexels.com

I had a fashion image on my mind. When that happens Its imperative that I find the item that is on my mind. Like a lioness hunting for its prey, I went straight to the local Winners store. I searched through all the jeans looking for a very specific pair of jeans. The right colour, pockets, cuff, and texture of jean, just like the image.

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It wasn’t going to be easy but I had time. After three fitting room visits, the lady gave me judging eyes. I smiled and took the tag that had a large number 4 on it. Yes, I’m still here, and this time I’ll be trying on 4 pairs…“thank you.”

To the fitting room, I went, excited about my finds. Might I have finally found the one that was haunting me? I closed the door and tried to lock it but it wouldn’t lock. Looking back to see that I hadn’t forgotten anything I rushed out to find another fitting room. Finally, I found one closer to the entrance.

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 Door locks. CHECK!

 Lighting. CHECK!

 Mirror visibility. CHECK!

I threw my purse and jacket on a hook, hung up my finds and proceeded to try on every pair of jeans. The first pair was ok. I liked the back pockets. The second pair was a bit tight so, if I bought them I would have to get one size bigger. The third pair was a touch short but I would wear them with boots so they really weren’t that bad. They were pretty close to what I was looking for. The final check was to face the fitting room door, turn my head and check my reflection in the mirror. Wow, I found them, these are the jeans! The pockets are perfect, and so is the colour. The cut of the jean really made me look fantastic. As good as these jeans looked and felt I still needed to give the last pair a try. As I was taking my perfect jeans off, I thought my eyes were deceiving me. These things are usually only in tights at specialty stores. I am not one to seek these out! Certain stars wear them. But really, here at Winners?

blue denim collared top with we see what we want text overlay
Want Photo by Julia Kuzenkov on Pexels.com

All the shapely magnificence I had seen in the mirror was really just butt pads. Here I was thinking I had found them… no no, it really wasn’t me at all. I pulled them back up, zipped and buttoned them reconsidering buying them. Really myself and hubby would be the only one’s who would know right? Nah, it’s a farce! I’m too old school for this! Padded bras are somehow different to me than jeans with a padded butt. I took them off and put on my own clothes.

I ended up buying a sweater and a really nice ahem different pair of jeans instead. Yeah, I left and kept my flawsome self intact!

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