The Truth about Flaws

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As I was scrolling through Pinterest which I tend to do while not watching sports you wouldn’t believe what I came across. The word Flawsome and its description. For those of you that haven’t heard of it hear you go:

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This word describes me to a T. I am officially adding it to my vocabulary. We should all add it to out vocabularies and encourage each other to be more flawsome.

Tyra Banks used it many years ago in reference to:

  • Women accepting their bodies as they are.

Flawsome can also mean the overall:

  • Acceptance of oneself, flaws, and all.

I don’t know about you all but, it’s a regular struggle to enjoy, embrace and love my flaws. Yeah, sometimes it takes a while for me to laugh at myself. I have found that it’s such a good daily practice to smile or even laugh about my flaws.

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Our flaws make us human. Go ahead and enjoy being Flawsomely human. You’re doing fine. In fact, we should all add this one to our vocabularies and encourage each other to be more flawsome.

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