How Will You be Paying?

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Grocery shopping can be so annoying! Wandering around trying to get everything on the dreaded list. I find it so irritating, I would rather go without a list altogether. Unless I’m trying out a new recipe I really don’t see the need for a list. They bother me because I prefer to be spontaneous. Am I the only one who finds it annoying that it’s always the same things rolling, spilling or even being squashed by those same other things in my buggy? And why is it that when I’m trying to decide between Chicken broth and Veggie broth, as soon as I make a decision and turn to start walking again there is always a close stander right under my armpit? I just don’t get it. I smile, fake left then edge past on the right as though I knew they were standing there all along. Truly, I like to give people their space. Wouldn’t it be nice to be the only person in an aisle? Now that’s a great feeling! (reminds me of a zombie movie) If you are reading this after the COVID pandemic I can fully acknowledge that standing alone in a grocery store aisle isn’t as great as I thought it would be. It is just like being in a zombie movie.

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As usual, I saved the best 2 parts for last because they bother me the most. I’m sweating just writing about them.

So the hardest part is over right? I’ve gone around the whole grocery store. Kinda followed and checked off everything on my list… Now, placing all the chosen items onto the conveyor belt. Everything is going well. Maybe I see a child trip and I chuckle a little, or some beautiful flowers catch my eye.

UMMMM Maam, how will you be paying?

All the blood drains from my brain as I search through my purse. I’m truly frantic now! Why isn’t my wallet where it usually is? I check all of my jacket pockets, nothing. The cashier is now really looking at me like; “Oh Boy, do we have a runner?” Her eyes start following everywhere my hands go as I search. She thinks she’s helping me. In a last-ditch effort I turn my purse upside down on the empty part of the conveyor belt. Along with everything else, 3 heavy days sanitary pads fall out. I realize that the next person in line is the same close stander from earlier. He turns red at the sight of the pads, I counter that by turning a very deep shade of burgundy. I empty the last bit of my purse and hear the familiar thud of my wallet. Picking it up I quickly start leafing through, only to find that I actually don’t have my debit card after all. I do a very ladylike arm scoop to quickly dump the innards of my purse back where they belong. “My apologies!” I smile through my near tears of embarrassment then proceed with my walk of shame. All of this only to get into the car and find the stupid bank card in my pant pocket!

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Tell me this, would you go back inside or go to another grocery store? I left, couldn’t stand the embarrassment of going back in there.

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Thanks for reading. Have a great week.  🙂 PTnL

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  1. I know how you feel! This happens to most of of us everyday but we are too embarrassed to admit🤐

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