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Things have really changed since the last time I was actively seeking employment. It’s scary out there now. So much competition and a lot of networking. Resumes have to be well sculpted to suit the job of interest. Well, that hasn’t changed but, I swear it’s so much harder to get noticed now.

Oh, and when you get the call for an interview you feel vindicated. I’ve been to a couple of interviews only to get a rejection letter in my email box. I don’t take it too hard though. It’s practice, right? Eventually, the right ship will come to shore. Even if it’s a canoe I will still jump aboard, I’m not picky at this point!

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Like most people searching for work I have had a few good points in my job search. So far, I have had to refuse nearly a dozen jobs that landed in my email box. I know, I know you wish you were me. Green doesn’t look good on you by the way!

The last job offer I had was so great. The email said, “We are very interested in hiring you for the Operations Manager position within our company.” Since I have been part of a few management teams in the past I thought finally someone sees it. The letter continued, “Please look at job description. By reply, fill out the attached job application.” At first, I was stunned and excited that someone in HR had actually given my credentials a long look and decided that I would be a suitable candidate. When I continued reading I saw the full email for what it was.

Warning sign number one was clear as day. The language used to write the job description was atrocious. I recall thinking wow, grammar must have been the furthest thing from this HR Managers mind.

I continued my series of checks. Clue number two was when I read that they were looking for someone to work in Canada. Oh, I get it, because Canada is such a tiny place, right? There was no indication of a province, even a city would’ve been nice. This really set off big huge yellow flags for me. So many that I looked up the HR person by name, of course, nothing came up. Silly me, why would it? Next, I looked up the company name. Clearly, I was now truly reaching for something that wasn’t there. The company that was so interested in hiring me as an operations manager was not even in Canada. The address came up along with the phone number which was for a place that was South West of Narnia and North East of Fantasia. Now since my parents never named me Bastian I now knew for sure that this job wasn’t for me.

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I had spent the last 20 minutes trying to figure out if this job was for real. As I read the job description again I picked apart every inch of it. That was when I realized I hadn’t checked out the application form. Yup it was a phishing scam! I couldn’t believe my eyes. On the application form…it clearly asked for:

  1. Social Insurance number
  2. Health Card Number
  3. Passport

Just to really make sure I wouldn’t be missing out on the job opportunity of a lifetime I emailed the sender and asked where exactly in Canada they were looking to fill the ops manager vacancy? He replied and I quote “We have vacant in Canada for Oops Manager!” The spelling error he made was clear as day but still not a clear enough answer for me. I decided to tell him that I was very interested but I needed more information. I also asked where he had found my resume. The reason I asked was so that I could remove my resume from whatever job board it had been found on. I must have handed him one of his own yellow flags. Now I was the one who was phishing so he didn’t reply. I had to guess that they had decided to go another way…Yeah I didn’t get the job!

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It’s sad that people try to take advantage of those who are only trying to gain employment? If your resume is on several different job boards I beg you to be weary of unsolicited job offers! Even if your resume is only on one job board, please listen to that loud booming voice when you feel something may be too good to be true.

If anyone else has had something similar happen to them please post below so we can laugh or cry if need be!

Good luck to all of my competition out there…Frustrated with job scams I’m now signing off to continue my job search!

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