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Hi all, this post is about the results from the funny survey. Interested in finding out how similar we all are? Then read on.

I too have answered many questions randomly. Some of my answers were so random that I regretted them immediately. Searching my memory bank this is the random answer that stands out the most:

I had a dentist appointment on Tuesday. At that appointment the dentist decided that I needed an emergency extraction of one of my wisdom teeth. He sent me to a dental surgeon that same day. I know what you’re thinking… It’s a fairly common procedure right. Maybe for some people. But not for me. My tooth broke as he was doing the extraction. Then there was drilling, crying and squirming. It all ended with him prescribing painkillers and antibiotics to avoid infection. When I got home, mouth swollen with gauze, blood, sweat, and tears, I got a call for an interview. I spit out the gauze as I was answering the phone. The person I spoke with wanted to meet the following morning. In my head, I couldn’t say no. I really wanted to work for this company. The morning of the interview I took the hour long bus ride. I was in and out of sleep.

I really only recall saying hi to the interviewer and the final part of the interview.

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Interviewer – If you could merchandise the store for the grand opening what decor would you choose?

Me – Picture this! These words were followed by a very long pause, where I might have taken a short nap then… It’s nice and cheese outside my bus ride. Trees are beautiful. glass makes nice picnics with anything and, so does tricks and green.

The look on his face was priceless…He stood up and showed me the door. I knew I didn’t get the job. When I described the interview to my friends and family after my embarrassment had dwindled to minimal levels we all laughed. The interviewer didn’t know the whole situation.  To him I was just some drugged up girl who showed up for her interview. Tacos and Yes were the most chosen replies to this question.

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You this read wrong. This sounds like another one of my replies to any of the interview questions that day. Most of you answered yes. As I was reading the question I thought, what is the right answer? It is wrong but should the answer be yes, no, right or Uh? I’m still stumped by this one.

This next question was a strange one too. I have four legs but I can’t walk.

  • Everyone picked a chair which really made me wonder why not a table?

We all think alike here.

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  • Most of us would prefer a lemon and a radio if we were marooned on an island. 75% of you chose this answer.

We could blast our 80s tunes and sip lemonade. But, it would be concentrated lemon juice. You see, the only water we have access to on the island is salt water and it’s bad for humans. I found that out watching Cast Away. Can you tell I never really paid much attention in science class? Apparently salt water causes delirium and dehydration. Also, I’m positive that catching rain is way more difficult than Chuck made it seem. Especially since we collectively decided that we don’t have coconuts on our island.

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This last question was the only one where we all had different answers. How wried is it taht you can raed tihs sntencee eevn tugoh it is all jubmeld up? Some of us could still understand the question, while some of us couldn’t. The surveys were fun none the less. If anything we learned something from doing them.

Randmnesson is nuf! Ins’t  It?

Other than at interviews!

Thank you to all of you for reading and enjoying my longer blog posts. The results are below.

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