Survey Results

Survey Results

The living room was dark and now it’s not.

I bought a lamp and, I’m enjoying writing under it. In this very room there once was an outdated ugly ceiling fan. Protruding from it were four lights. As soon as we moved in it was placed very high on my hit list for obliteration. To exhibit what it looked like please take a moment to picture this; A 4 headed angler fish slowly being eaten by a star fish. You’ve seen this ceiling fan before, it’s in any home built in the last 40 years or so.


Here I am now, happy to report that the ceiling fan was taken down and a new light installed. It saddened me when we turned on the new light and realized how dim it was. New light bulbs were bought but still darkness prevailed. So I finally bought a lamp.

The living room was dark and now it’s not.

This blog is dedicated to all my short post lovers out there. There will be a longer post next week dedicated to all of my long post lovers.

Survey results are in, take a look if you’d like.

Survey Results

Thanks Everyone for your Participation and for Reading my Blog!

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