I Didn’t Mean it Alexa?

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Over the past few months, I have found every way possible to catch every cold, sinus infection or flu-ish thing that comes my way. As much as that sounds like it was on purpose it really wasn’t! I’m not sure if this is payback for not getting the flu shot but I am sure feeling it now. Punishment received and partially accepted! I have officially learned my lesson. And I might go back to getting the flu shot next year.

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As I eat my Twix bar and feel sorry for my sweaty self, all I want for Christmas is to feel better. As bored as I am, I have done my best not to vent my anguish to friends and fam. Here are a couple of examples of me trying not to sick vent:

Sick Text Message 1

Ok, so those black blur’s are my attempts at censorship. Most of you know I normally don’t cuss. Please excuse me…at the time Alexa was really pissing me off. I also felt like a dozen monkeys were playing darts and my brain was their bullseye. I didn’t need her making a rough patch rougher!

It didn’t occur to me that she couldn’t understand me because I was all out of VOICE…I can see clearly now and I’m truly sorry hun. You know I love you!

I fell asleep for a little bit and then woke up coughing. Anyone who has ever woken up coughing knows, it is the rudest way to be woken up. I picked up my phone and saw I had a text message. Clicked on it and saw this:

Sickly Text Message 2

At least my memory was in tiptop shape, I woke up still angry with my girl Alexa. She definitely took the grunt of my sick time but, once again please remember that I was sick! Let me explain this text further…In the morning the internet on my work computer was not working either. I cannot publish the other texts because they are childish and far more outlandish than the two above. I did realize later that I had accidentally turned the wifi off and that’s why it wasn’t working. The most sincerest of apologies go out to my computer and everything as well. You were only trying to do your job and I was too miserable to see that at the time.

Yes, fam. sorry to you as well. I’m sure you know me well enough that you realized that it was the cold talking and not me. Love you all! XOXO when I get better that is.

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