WHY’d I Think That Would go Well?

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Awwww look at them, living dangerously and biting their ice-cream front teeth first. Aren’t they sweet? Anyway, I’m sure in some previous post I mentioned sensitive or achy teeth, Link here: T’was the Night Before 40 . I have a recurring dream where I smile in front of my bathroom mirror and some of my teeth very eagerly bounce into the sink.Could it be old age or simply wishful thinking? I’m just tired of waking up with a toothache, a pain here, or a pain there. Am I the only one who can’t enjoy certain foods anymore because of this? I used to chuckle at certain commercials when they came on tv. I thought like most youngun’s that I would never have to experience any of “those” things. Jokes on me. Look at me now…

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My current food NOoooo list includes:

  • Popcorn
  • Corn on the cob
  • Ice Cream or ice in drinks, in fact, all cold drinks are a big NO. When I do drink them I avoid contact with my teeth at all costs. I wait for the ice to melt before sipping.
  • Various stringy meats and veggies. A heartfelt shout out to both celery and pulled pork. Let us not forget all the other deliciousness that was enjoyed ever so recently.
    Most meat just gets wedged in my teeth before I really get to enjoy it now. Walking with toothpicks is a commonality at this point! I often joke after eating beef that I have a whole cow stuck in my teeth. It’s a joke…yet, it often feels like it’s true. Can you hear it Mooing?
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I can hear you through all of your attempts at whispering, “Why doesn’t she just use that sensitivity toothpaste?” In answer to that, I do! Or let’s be real, I have. Yet I still felt this complaint needed to be brought here, into this space for us to discuss! You  wonder why? Let me tell you a little secret. Come closer, no really just a little closer. I brought it here BECAUSE IT STILL HURTS! The barrier is a fib, a farce, it’s lies, lies I tell you!

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Sensitive Teeth Suck! by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Oh well, this blog was purely for an opportunity to whine about my teeth. Go ahead and take pleasure in my pain. Hope you enjoyed. If you do ever get toothaches like me here’s a word of advice; be sure to take your toothaches out on some unsuspecting soul. Hahaha. OUCH OWWWW! Don’t laugh outside on a windy day either I have just confirmed that the wind hurts them too!

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  1. I feel for you, Especially the part about needing to carry toothpicks everywhere you go. 😥

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